True Meaning Of Sports

It’s not easy to explain to someone how much playing soccer meant to me. The closest comparison I can think of for the non-sports lovers out there would be to imagine being young and getting a puppy at the age of like 6 and you love that puppy more than anything. Then at the age of 12 that puppy is taken away and you are absolutely devastated. Eventually you think that puppy is never coming back and come to grips with that idea and move on to other things. Then one day out of nowhere, 12 years later, the puppy arrives at your doorstep and nothing about the puppy has changed and you get to spend the rest of that puppy’s life together and it’s the best feeling you could imagine because he came back when you had given up on him. Well soccer was my puppy, and organ donation allowed the puppy to return. Soccer was a passion of mine since I could remember. I quit every other sport I played to concentrate on soccer only, until it was taken away from me. I had given up the idea of ever playing again, until what do you know my heart got so bad it became a possibility again. Organ donation brought back something that I loved more than anything. Although I will never be as good as I once was just the ability to be out there is something I can’t express in words. The way sports are held in regards now a days I think greatly overshadows why people begin playing sports to begin with. Espn has a way of bringing out the drama and controversy of sports, instead of the beauty and the love of the game that hopefully some of these players still have. I could lose every soccer game I play for the rest of my life, but I am out there playing a game that I love, and that I know most people who play sports love as well.  Some maybe lose the passion to play as they grow up because they forget about that; they also don’t ever think about what if it gets taken away either. Not to blabber on about this and just keep it short and simple I feel the message is clear: organ donation brought back to me my greatest passion in life and it is this passion that makes sports so amazing when you look at them for what they are at their core, just a game people enjoy playing.         

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Amazing video about bullying…I really suggest you share!

"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."

— Michael Jordan (Happy 50th Birthday) 

"Attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind."

— Jack Harbaugh

Professional golfer Erik Compton is a two time heart transplant recipient and starting to make a name for himself in the PGA while also inspiring organ transplant patients everywhere. 

If this doesn’t inspire you to overcome whatever stands in your way I don’t know what will!